Student Membership

HACC is pleased to launch a new Student Membership Program in September 2023.  The goal of this program is to allow students interested in the field of business and entrepreneurship the opportunity to engage with the Chamber and local business owners to gain knowledge and experience from the business community.  This membership option is offered free of charge to qualified applicants and simply requires a commitment of 3-5 volunteer hours throughout the year and attendance at one HACC Board Meeting during that time. The student membership provides the following benefits to participants:

  • Mentorship Opportunities: We have a diverse membership of local businesses in a variety of fields that would be willing to mentor students in various fields. We can connect students with industry professionals in their field of interest.
  • Networking: Many opportunities are available to meet and have conversations with our members through in-person events including Business Mixers, Board meetings, and other events.  This will provide networking opportunities for students and prepare them to enter the business world by creating professional relationships.
  • Self-Promotion: Getting involved with the Chamber will present students with the opportunity to get to know business owners in the community and allow them to present themselves and their skillsets, potentially leading to future employment or work term opportunities.
  • Experience: Through volunteering and networking opportunities, students will gain valuable experience that can be included on their resumes for future educational and employment opportunities.

If this opportunity is something you would be interested in pursuing, apply today by completing our membership application below.

For more information, contact the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce at or call 506-832-2559.