Networking Events- We offer several different mixers and events that allow you to meet and get to know different business owners throughout the community.  We have just over 100 members so there are so many people with different experiences and knowledge that you can connect with.

Free Marketing- We put out posts on all of our social media platforms to promote your business! If you have an anniversary, a special, or anything going on we will get it out there for you!  We also run regular features on each business approximately once a year to promote them.  We ask businesses what time of year would benefit them most and we run it at that time.

Business 2 Business Discounts- These discounts are only available to our members from other members.  Any employee of the member business may use the discount program and the full list of discounts can be found online on our website, there are over 20 businesses offering discounts.

Informative Seminars- We bring in a number of different guest speakers throughout the year to put on lunch and learns and other types of seminars.  These are to aid business owners in navigating all different aspects of the business world.  (For example, we had a few different government people come in and talk about different grants that were available to business owners)

Chamber Group Insurance- We have an optional chamber group health insurance plan that any one of our members can take advantage of if they so choose.

The Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce is located in the heart of Hampton.  We work with the Town and surrounding communities to help create an organization that promotes trade and commerce. Our goal is to unite the local business community in a manner which promotes economic growth.

We are proud to help support local businesses.  We look forward to working with you with the goal of growing our business community.

Luke MacGregor, HACC President

Enhancing the Quality of Life in our Community through Business Growth and Partnership