Strategic Plan

The Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce was chartered in September 1979. The objective of the Chamber shall be to promote and improve trade and commerce and the economic, civic, and social welfare of the district.

Today, the HACC now represents almost 100 businesses in the area which employ over 400 people, but our objectives remain the same as they did when we began almost 40 years ago.


The efforts of the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce and partners are to promote the Hampton area as a thriving business community serving the needs of the residents of the Hampton area.


The Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce will play a lead role in promoting a hospitable business environment that encourages existing business and new development while enhancing a quality of life for all members of the community through partnering with key stakeholders.


The following values guide the conduct and behavior of Chamber Members:

An open, welcoming, cooperative environment of mutual trust that is responsive and supportive of entrepreneurs and all people of our community.

Integrity, accountability and ethical conduct that is reflected in dealing with all clients, fellow entrepreneurs and the wider community.

A commitment to professionalism and best practices that raise and sustain the quality of business and the experience offered in our community.

Respect for the unique culture, heritage, history and natural environment of our community that provides responsible stewardship of our resources.