Covid-19 Resources

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve at a rapid rate, we know you are looking for information to help your business survive. We have put together a list of resources in the hopes of making it easier for you to find that information. If there is a resource missing that you either know about, or would like is to try to find for you, please contact us at

CLICK HERE for the List of Resources


To our valued Chamber Members:  Our Board of Directors is meeting often via conference call to discuss the urgency of helping our small businesses in Hampton and surrounding area.   We have reached out to our local MLAs, MP, and Town of Hampton.  We will continue to keep in contact.  We will pass along all of the information we can via email.

Here is a link which provides useful information:

Insurance Premiums and Benefits ** Please check with your insurance providers as many are offering relief on premium payments and other services during this time.

In the meatime, we are looking for innovative ways to promote your business. If you have suggestions please contact us.  We encourage everyone to start media posts, “like and share draws”, and to share a story about your business online.  If you haven’t already please check out our Facebook page (Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce).

Also, please visit the Town of Hampton page as they continue providing updates.